“Crazy Crime” Article by Jeanine Monique (visual artist/ graphic designer / writer)
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Deadly Urine

       On mother’s day,  May 9, 2010 a suburban  University Park, Illinois, Chicago man, Charles Clements, 69, a former marine was known for  having great pride in his lawn care. No one would have ever thought he would kill over it! Clements’ lawn had earned the homeowner awards for its beauty but whoever would have thought it was to die for.

            On May 9, Joshua Funches, 23, was walking his fox terrier on Landau Road when the dog urinated on Clements’ lawn. The two argued and Funches allegedly hit Clements. Clements then followed Funches off his property and fatally shot him. Clements was arrested and initially charged with first-degree murder but miraculously his sentence was reduced to the minimum sentence. The judges said the lenient sentence was due to Clements lack of prior convictions and not having so much as a speeding ticket on his record and because of his previous service as a U.S. Marine. Clements Walked away with a 4 year probation sentence, leaving Funches family absolutely devastated. This is by far one of the most groundbreaking cases of injustice.

Killer Games

       On August 18, 2010, Marcus Donte Reed, 33, was accused of the triple homicide of brothers, Jerimiah Adams, 20, Jarquis,18, and Jean,13, for allegedly stealing an Xbox 360. It was noted that Reed’s girlfriend’s home had been burglarized the previous Monday. The burglary was never reported to authorities. It seems Reed had already premeditated a plan to take the law into his own hands.

        Several witness said that Reed hid out in nearby bushes yielding an assault weapon and a 30-round clip along with a .45 cal56iber handgun. When a Chevy Malibu occupied by the three brothers arrived at the 9500 block of Keatchie-Marshall Road at approximately 10 p.m., Reed began shooting at the Malibu hitting all three of the occupants. All the windows on the vehicle were blown out and the Malibu riddled with bullets. Reed then fled the scene on foot. Reed faces three counts of first-degree murder and is currently on death row. Sadly these three young brothers died over allegations of burglary by Reed that yielded no real proof. Even more ridiculous, three lives were taken over an Xbox 360 that cost only about $250. Wow, talk about little regards for human lives!


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