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Before New Year comes, let me just clear the air for all my family and friends. I’m not a “Christian.” I do not practice “Christianity.” I refuse to continue with a religion in which  that the original origin of it was stolen from my people, transformed, renamed and utilized to oppress my people. Yes I believe in a Creator and a Messiah. I just don’t address them as Christians do. No I am not Muslim. I am not a set religion. I acknowledge my Creator, my Messiah, my ancestors and my Guardian spirits. I am a spiritual being. I find no harm in the things that others believe if that’s what keeps them sane, clean, humble, and on the right track. Do what works for you. Yes I pray. Yes I keep faith. I also continuously seek self-knowledge in order to fully love myself. Please refrain from trying to convert me to believing as you do. I love all, deeply and  whole-heartedly. Respect my differences as I respect yours.

                          – Jessica Thigpen
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