Skeptical Until It Happens To You

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-I remember watching them drop like flies and saying to myself “What a load of crap”. Though I wasn’t brought up in the church, I was always taught to acknowledge God, say my grace and my bedtime prayers. Thinking back to when I was a child, I remember what lead me to pray the hardest; pain. It was always pain. Afterwards I’d always give thanks and gratitude subconsciously growing my faith.

I’ll never forget the day I stood in church and my entire body from head to toe filled with this intense warming sensation and my skin visibly covered with goose bumps. My knees began to buckle and all I could think about was my lifetime of skepticisms. I thought the people that dropped were fakes. I thought they looked crazy falling all over the place. It was those same guilty thoughts that made me say to myself, “I must not drop!” I went home that day completely dumbfounded and somewhat contrite, because I knew that I had possibly fought off the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It took some time and years for me to stop fighting the holy ghost, but when I did I felt so brand new and so free! I had been liberated. No one will stand beside you when you go before God on judgement day, so just let him have his way.

-Jeanine Monique …one of many testimonies

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