Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

With this R. Kelly thing, Steve Harvey made a very valid point: A predator is a predator period! How can any man, who came from a woman’s womb even attempt to defend or justify R. Kelly against these heinous sexual abuse allegations? How do you look or even sound as a man with a daughter, a sister or mother? Real men need to stand up! Take your places! Teach your daughters their worth. Show your sons how to be better men: What the f***! Ignorance is not bliss! It’s kind of pathetic. “We will kill you for our women…” in the words of Malcom X… fast forward to 2019 these dumbies see nothing wrong, when X died for the cause, amongst many others.. Men are suppose to be protectors! Ignorance is not bliss. What’s going on, seriously?

-Jeanine Monique

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