Category: Provoke My Thoughts: Knocking At The Devil’s Door?

~Follow Me; Lucifer’s Apprentice~

Indulge in my darkness

I have no flesh

Yet I am cold like the night air

Follow me if you dare

If you knock at my door… be prepared

I will dictate your present and disrupt your future

I have corrupted many nations

Captivity, duplicity and sly domination

I will conquer your world… complete abolition

Follow me if you dare

Some knock at my door… oh but be prepared

Worse than a natural disaster, I will invade your homes

I am the portrait of ALL… vile things

I satisfy revenge that MIGHT feel bitter sweet

I put fear in your neighbors… I will worry perfect strangers

I am the blackness of your shadow… the villain in the dark

Everything that follows me…   leads to disaster

I am deception and disbelief,  but you can call me sinister

The reason you’re opposed to ever trust the minister

Doubt everything that once was concrete

Crack foundations and disregard everything he preached

I will teach you to triumph in your mystery

As I wallow in your confusion and gloat in your pain

Ravish your thoughts and pollute your brain

Follow me if you dare

Some knock at my door

I just might open so be aware

~Jeanine Monique


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