Poetry: Love Conquers All

When the grass starts to whither
Flowers afar from bloom

 Open up your hearts and let there be room

When the sky seemingly starts to fall

And the sun no longer sets

Open your hearts

Without burdens without debts

The mountains rip, they roar

A soldier fallen defeat at his own sword

Hold on, stay strong

Love conquers all

Though we’ve seen the worst of storms

Swam against the currents

We shall not drown

A daily surf amongst the sharks

But love, dream, strive… we shall stay alive!

Love conquers all!

Lifted spirits and hungry hearts

Taken the good with the bad

Yesterday’s residues remain

Remnants of the past

Recollected aches and pains

Press on!       Press on!

Still dancing in the rain

Anticipations of tomorrow’s zest

Do not abort the dream before it has a chance to succeed

Loves is the greatest thing you will ever achieve

                                                             ~Jeanine Monique


17 thoughts on “Poetry: Love Conquers All

  1. Such beautiful words, Jeanine! Love conquers all – if only more people would understand the true meaning of love. Your blog is stunning and thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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