Abandoned buildings and long dark halls

Owls hooping and shadowed walls

Thoughts racing and sweaty palms

Hearts ponding from dusk to dawn

Fear not a bad dream

Nor monsters under the bed

Made up characters

Nor imaginative figures in your head

Haunted houses or uneasy ghost

That roam, lurk and stalk the earth

A wise man once said “How petty”

Fear the living not the dead

People destroy people

At times without reason

One must wonder the point in only just believing

Fear not a ghost tale

Quiver at the six o’clock news

When Sunday approaches

Pay your tithes?

Pay your dues?

Prayers to be kept whole all his favor

Uncertain if humanity resides with thine neighbor

Fear the world morality is at a record low

Where selflessness is unnatural and kindness uncanny

Shall we fear the world?

Here today and gone tomorrow

Oh but life’s too short to live in sorrow

Does he in the sky determine my fate?

Anxiety of my neighbor acting in hate

~Jeanine Monique

Image by Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/354236326910890597/


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