Poetic Memoirs; Enough!

I am sorry that’s what he said I didn’t mean to and as simple as that Those subtle words and she goes right back From her bible verses “Love endures all things” And she married those words, defined them to the extreme Standing there, 365 days of every year Even with a heart filled with [...]

~MY FLAW~ 100 Word Prompt

                        Tardy Everyday I awake to a race with the clock. For as long as I can remember, world time and “my time” have never been on the same accord. Fifteen minutes of world time was equivalent to forty-five minutes of “my time”. I hit [...]

Oblivious Dream Crushers

Mom: So you have a website, why am I the last to know? Me: Yeah well the internet is big business right know and I get to promote what I love. Mom: I always told ya you had God-given talent Me: You know what I remember? I remember 8th grade I told you I wanted [...]

Memoirs Of Love Lost

He was the son of kings, hope unto prophetic dreams: sunrise at dawn, a soul's remedy to calm and I was his godess. So could it be reality? Or misconception? I have seen this before; reiteration with indistinct correlation. They were thought to be the sons of kings: reserved personifications, mistaken nobilities. To my surprise, [...]