Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

With this R. Kelly thing, Steve Harvey made a very valid point: A predator is a predator period! How can any man, who came from a woman's womb even attempt to defend or justify R. Kelly against these heinous sexual abuse allegations? How do you look or even sound as a man with a daughter, [...]

Academic Journal: The HIV/AIDS Origin Theories

                                         The HIV/AIDS Origin Theories              Throughout many villages in Africa, men raid the streets savagely raping young girls and infants, all in hopes of a cure to this vast, widespread HIV/AIDS epidemic. The myth of “The Virgin Cure”, as explained in 16th century Europe, where widespread belief suggested that sexual intercourse with a virgin [...]

Category: Provoke My Thoughts

Fear Abandoned buildings long dark halls Owls hooping, shadowed walls My mind is racing, sweaty palms My heart is pounding from dusk to dawn Fear not a bad dream Nor monsters under my bed Made up characters Nor imaginative figures in my head Haunted houses, uneasy ghost That roam, lurk and stalk the earth A [...]